Results & Outcomes

D1.1 - Report on consumer behaviour (1st edition)

D1.1 - Report on consumer behaviour (2nd edition)

D1.2 - Stakeholder Analysis

D1.2 - Short Read - Stakeholder Analysis of smart charging ecosystems

D1.3 - Report on city needs & challenges in integrated planning for smart charging and V2X services

D1.5 - Analysis of hard- and software requirements

D2.2 - Specifications and IT Use-Case definition for V2X services

D3.1 - Use Case set-up reports

Managerial Documents

D6.1 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

D6.4 - Capacity Building Plan

D7.1 - SCALE Risk Register

D7.2 - Quality Management Plan

Project Identity

SCALE Leaflet

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