SCALE’s methodology will maximize the exploitation potential of the proposed innovative solutions for smart charging and V2X, preparing them for a mass European adoption.

The structure of the project methodology follows a clear and logical step, starting with (1) a bottom-up assessment of EV users and stakeholder needs. This will be completed through in-depth interviews, expert sessions, and case pilots to ensure the co-optimization of smart charging user needs.

As a next step, (2) the project will ensure interoperability of the system through an Open Architecture based on the design principles of openness and transparency. Once the architecture is ready,

(3) the viability of the system will be demonstrated through the testing and validation of innovative V2X solutions in 13 real-life use cases structured in 4 Innovation Clusters (Home, Business/Office, Light and Heavy Duty, and Public). Finally,

(4) SCALE will identify the most suitable solutions for scaling up identified solutions within each Innovation Cluster to ensure the mass-deployment of EVs and charging in line with societal goals. Going further, SCALE will apply an interdisciplinary approach by bringing together many actors and disciplines to assess barriers and develop solutions on a technological, social, organizational, regulatory and legal level. A range of tasks focus on women in leadership roles in the EV industry, which includes gender-inclusive approaches in user needs assessments, data collection and a mentoring scheme for young female professionals.

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