What is SCALE?

SCALE is a three-year project (2022-2025) co-funded by the new Horizon Europe Programme with a budget of around 10 million EUR. It aims to advance smart charging infrastructure and facilitate the mass deployment of electric vehicles. The project will reduce uncertainties around the roll-out of smart charging, interoperable and V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) solutions, whether these are technical, organizational, economic, social or policy-related, and help shape a new energy eco-system wherein the flexibility of EV batteries’ is harnessed. A consortium of 29 partners composed of leading European cities, universities and knowledge partners, charging infrastructure companies, electric vehicle (EV) industry pioneers and more will steer the project.

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To develop an open system architecture by 2023 for smart charging & V2X which ensures interoperability, connectivity, openness of the system and fair market conditions. An architecture resulting in at least 30 innovations during the project (number of new technologies, products, standards, protocols, software and services being developed).


To deploy a user-centric approach, systematically collecting knowledge, removing existing acceptance barriers and developing solutions in line with 800 users directly involved in SCALE pilots.


To reduce the need for grid reinforcement by a minimum of 50%, leveraging the existing grid better and thereby limiting time-to-market in quality & quantity to ensure a timely transformation.


To prepare a mass-market and eco-system for smart charging & V2X paving the road for Fit-for55 ambitions, ensuring all newly procured chargers are V2X-enabled from 2025 onwards.


To create the necessary momentum across Europe and maximise exploitation, securing impact beyond the project lifetime through SCALE’s V2X Alliance incl. 50 committed members and mobilise a total of at least 150 organisations through the networks of the SCALE partners.

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