Vehicle to Home

Charging of EVs takes place predominantly at home, offering important potential for smart charging and V2X functionalities. It can increase the uptake of EVs due to its benefits and ease of use, increase the utilization of locally produced renewable energy through the consumption of local renewable energy, and lower the dependency on the grid. 

Greater Munich


Smart charging & V2X concept for site self-consumption in single family housing 


2 detached homes equipped with bidirectional car, charger and PV installation

  • Proof the AC bi-directional charger as affordable solution for optimizing V2H, by comparing with DC chargers.
  • Find the optimal concept for integrating an EV in a residential energy system using open standards.
  • Determine and optimize the costs and benefits for the end user (e.g., quantify EV battery life and savings on energy costs).
  • Reduce peak loads and the overall interaction with the grid.


Extension to V2G services enabling participation in energy market 


2 homes equipped with bidirectional car, charger, Pv installation and V2G services

  • Optimize renewable energy utilization and increase flexibility for the grid through V2G services in residential areas with local renewable energy in generation.
  • Find the optimal V2G concept and usability for the end user; finding the optimal control mechanisms and interface.

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